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          The bbin真人 Academy girls’ lacrosse program carries a long tradition of excellence and competes against some of the strongest teams in New England.  With core foundational values centered on dynamic team chemistry and a relentless compete-level, Big Green players learn to excel both as teammates and as individual players.  At the varsity level, student-athletes are highly committed and often aspire to play at high-level collegiate programs. Seeking to prepare student-athletes for excellence at both Division I and Division III programs, the bbin真人 coaching staff incorporates a variety of defensive systems and offensive sets into team strategy and conceptual teaching.   In recent years, DA lacrosse alumnae have gone on to pursue lacrosse careers at collegiate programs including Amherst, B在es, Bowdoin, Harvard, Villanova, Washington & Lee, and the University of Richmond.



          2017年 - 梅根哈洛伦'17被选为从我们的曲棍球在马萨诸塞州西部分会学术所有美国。梅根继续她在威廉姆斯学院曲棍球事业。

          2016 – Elliott Gilbert ’16 was selected as an Academic All-American from the Western Massachusetts chapter of US Lacrosse. Elliott is continuing her lacrosse career at the collegi在e level for Washington & Lee.

          2014 - 凯莉戴维斯被选为只有5个大学从美国的马萨诸塞州西部章曲棍球她出色的学术研究和学校生活的贡献所有美国人之一。

          2011 - 年长协队长杜威荷莉被选定为仅有的四个美国长曲棍球所有美国人之一,只有两个学科在马萨诸塞州西部一章中的所有美国人之一。

          有关女孩曲棍网兜球节目,详情请联系 教练迪纳尔 在 adinardo@deerfield.edu.

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